FRILO Foundation solutions

All foundation programs in the PLUS version

Isolated Foundation FD+

The FD+ application allows you to verify squared and rectangular foundations cast with or without pocket.
External loads can optionally apply centrically or with a uniaxial or biaxial eccentricity.

Block Foundation FDB+

Block foundations are cast with a bucket.

FDB+ allows you to design block foundations in accordance with the method described in "Beispiele zur Bemessung nach Eurocode 2” (Examples for the Design as per Eurocode 2) published by “Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein E.V. " or in accordance with the method described in “Betonkalender 1988”, Part II, page 453.

Strip Foundation FDS+

FDS+ allows you to calculate the required dimensions of strip foundations under centric and uniaxial eccentric loading. The required bending and shear reinforcement is calculated for the defined dimensions.
The software also checks whether shear and bending reinforcement can be dispensed with in the lower layer. Moreover, the permissible base pressure, the gaping joint as well as the safety
against sliding, displacement and ground failure are verified.

Reinforced Raft Foundation FDR+

The FDR+ application allows the design of eccentrically loaded boundary foundations that are connected to a reinforced concrete slab with a rigid joint.
In the design, the centring moment, the centring tensile force and the soil pressure are determined with consideration to deformations.


Mast Foundation FDM+

The mast foundations are typically pad foundations embedded in the ground. The foundations are loaded by moment in the first place. Their stability is ensured by the earth resistance.

The FDM+ Mast Foundation software allows you to verify foundation of all kinds of masts and towers as well as of columns for noiseprotection walls, signal boards and similar structures.