Frilo.Document.Designer FDD

Layout and organization of structural documents

The Frilo.Document.Designer is a stand-alone solution for managing, integrating and editing PDF-based documents.

The program can be used not only to document FRILO projects, but also as a universal tool for creating a PDF document from various sources. Thus, e.g. Graphics, Word and Excel files or external PDF files are inserted.

Note: The free App StaticsToGo for the synchronization of the static documents with the mobile device is suitable - on the way you use the note function for later processing.


Statics document in PDF format

  • Structure and organize documents of a static project
  • Including the output of FRILO programs
  • Integration of external documents (PDF, graphics, etc.)


  • Insert chapters / documents
  • Layout with own templates and formatting
  • Different page headers/footers definable
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Fixable page numbers
  • Show and hide sections for reduced document variants
  • Applications such as
    - Word / Excel,
    - Open Office etc.
    can be started with a doubleclick, contents can be edited
  • Automatic table of contents
  • Title page, introductory remarks and additional comments optional
  • Direct start of toolboxmodules
  • Sync with tablets through the StaticsToGo app

Be mobile with StaticsToGo - App

This Frilo app for tablets synchronizes the statics documents between PC and tablet. Whether at the construction site or at a meeting - the current project documentation is always included. Notes can be inserted along the way for later processing.

STG for Android and IPad

The app is available for the iPad and for Android tablets. It can be obtained free of charge via Google Play Store / iTunes.

Useful: static document on the way

Enter comments, meeting notes on the way and work on in the office.